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T9O Department of Transportation

Tenino Yellow Bicycle Project! Find them on FACEBOOK.  Share, respect, have fun, be healthy, be inspired and inspire others!  Together we can make our community a better place to live…

Tenino Yellow Bicycle Project

Instructions on creating your own yellow bicycle:

1. Get a working bike.
2. Paint it yellow, with spray paint. Paint everything except grips and seat. Cover tires and spokes. Chain, pedals and all.
3. Apply Stencils using black spray paint. Stencil can be found below.
4. Set it out in town for everyone to enjoy. Park it at your favorite place in Tenino. Quarry, Park, School, local business, etc.
5. Take pictures! Post them on our facebook page.
1. Click on stencil image below:






2. Right Click on image and Save to your computer.

3. Print on card stock.

4. Cut out letters with an exacto knife or razor blade.